about us

Hi to everybody visiting my site. To tell you a little bit of my past, Landstuhl is my hometown and that is where I have my business.

I used to work for the US Government (for the Army for 13 years and for the Air Force almost 24 years) and to specify that a little more, I worked at the Ramstein Housing Office at their location in Vogelweh, Bldg 1001 right across from the Ramstein Inn at Vogelweh for almost 24 years. I know all of the ins and outs and dos and don`ts and can write up a rental contract in my sleep, lol. My customers are stuck with me throughout their whole tenancy here in Germany. Got a problem, no need to call the Housing Office, I also worked complaints, you can reach me after the Housing Office duty hours and on the weekend. I take good care of my customers. Furthermore, I have the insight on purchases and what to look out for if you are planning on purchasing a home in Germany. I work with the best Notaries in the area and will guide you through the entire process, until and beyond you have settled in your new home.My Office is located in the heart of downtown Landstuhl on Ludwigstr 22 in 66849 Landstuhl.


we are specialized in finding your new home and help you to have an easier start here in Germany. We will be your point of contact during your time in the KMCC area.

Contact person

Ms Doris Drewlow - owner, was working for the US goverment for almost 37 years and 24 years at the housing office

Mr. Rouven Migenes - real estate Agent, scheduling and customer care


customer service is important to us.